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Why not other nationalities?

So the other day I was sitting in class while we were going over instructions on essay 3, and a thought crossed my mind. How come we don’t see other nationalities as main vampire characters? I mean the main vampire in the novel always tends to be of European ancestry or if he or she is from America they tend to be Caucasian. The only time I’ve seen vampires of other nationalities was in Dead until Dark, and even then they do not tend to be main characters. They were characters with small roles who got killed  at the end! What do you make of that?


So far this book is really interesting. It is a different look on vampires. I like how the reader can look at Eli as a male vampire or female vampire and he fits both genders. Hakaan is also a interesting character. We have seen other individuals who help the vampire in other novels. Hakaan is different because he is in love with Eli. The other human helpers had been under the “spell” of the vampires and not really willingly wanted to help them. Hakaan however was doing this out of his own will, and even in order to protect Eli he poured acid on his face!

Emperor of Icecream

The Emperor of Icecream is a poem taking place at a funeral or wake. It is more of celebration then a a said moment. In Salem’s Lot, Ben exclaims “Let be be finale of seem. The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream.” What did he mean by that exactly? The first sentence could mean let be whatever has become life. You can not change it, so leave it as it is. Ice cream melts quickly. It does not stay the same for long periods of time. The emperor of ice cream could be a metaphor for time. The only thing in charge is time and one cannot fight time, it just moves on and on.

Bela Lugosi Dracula

This week in class we watched Dracula in which Bela Lugosi portrays the Count.  So through out the movie I wondered where Lugosi picked up the accent he had for Dracula, so I decided to do some research. On Wikipedia its says Lugosi was actually born in Austria-Hungary.  The town’s name was Lugoj and today it is part of Romania! So its interesting to know the makers of Dracula actually choose an individual who was from where Stoker’s Dracula lived.

Bela Lugosi’s was a much more handsomer Dracula then Bram Stoker’s Dracula and even Nosferatu. I did notice however that Lugosi seemed to have sharp nails. Also in the movie there was more of a focus on Lugosi’s eyes and his gaze. The power the makers of this decided to emphasize was Dracula’s ability to hypnotize individuals. In Nosferatu his powers of strength were emphasized and what caused Nosferatu to be scary were his looks. What caused the Bela Lugosi vampire to be scary was his ability to blend in with the rest of society. This could make any one a vampire.

One thing that bothered me about the movie however were the accents of the rest of the caste.  They sounded like they were from the South during the Antebellum era!!

Salem’s Lot

So this week in class we have started reading Salem’s Lot. I have heard of this novel before and heard of the movie, but never have read it nor watched the movie. It’s kind of exciting reading such a popular book and movie yet not knowing what to expect.

I just went on Google and looked up some of the movie posters for Salem’s Lot. This very ugly vampire with blueish grayish skin, sharp animal like teeth, and glowing eyes keeps coming up for the images. Now that is one scary looking vampire!

So far I am enjoying the book. Its different. I really liked the chapter three when Steven King described the different people of the town and their different activities. My favorite character so far in the town has to be Dud Rogers, the town dump custodian. He seems crazy. Reminds a lot of Renfield from Dracula. However, instead of eating different animals, he looks shooting them with bullets. His little section was hilarious.

Since I’ve never read the book, nor watched the movie, nor do I know the plot whats so ever here are some of my expectations. I don’t believe Straker to be the vampire, however I believe him to be an accomplice. I do not think the children, Danny and Ralphie, to have been taken by the vampires. I suspect Danny is part of the occult and had his brother taken to be sacrificed. Also believe the old owner of the Martsen House is the vampire.  Well we will see what happens !

Homecoming by Bradbury

So my favorite short story thus far has been the Homecoming by Bradbury. It is an easy read and interesting till the end. I went online to do some research on the short story and discovered Bradbury had actually written expanded it into a short novel.

The plot of the Homecoming is a family reunion taking place at the home of Timothy. Now it is not your average every day family reunion. Like every family reunion it takes place every few years. Now what is special about this particular reunion is the guest. The guests are all different types of monsters. Well atleast I think they are because Egyptian mummies were mentioned and the guests seemed to have different abilities. However they all slept downstairs in coffins. Well Timothy’s immediate family for sure are vampires, and they too all have different abilities. As the story goes on the reader discovers that Timothy is not like the rest of his family. He does not like to drink blood, he would rather sleep during the day then at night, he does not have wings, and he does not have any special ability.

So far the stories we have read about vampires, most of the vampires have had one or two companions, but no real families. I believe this is the first story we have read were the vampires have true families. Also as time goes on, the vampires in the stories mingle with other supernatural creatures. This did not happen in previous stories.

What I liked about this story was the fact Timothy was born human into a vampire family. Unlike them he was mortal. He would someday die. One particular thing I have always liked about vampires or what has drawn me to vampires is their immortality. Maybe because I am afraid of death and do not like talking about or even thinking about my dieing or someone I know dieing. This story, especially the ending stirred something within me. I connected with Timothy because he did not know if he would be alive to attend the next family reunion.

So this week in class we have focused on the evolution of the vampire. We first see vampires as being scary creatures especially with Dracula.  Dracula is describe almost like an animal. He has pointy ears, hair on his palms, sharp teeth, and sharp pointy nails.  He even smells of death. This is also true with Nosferatu. He looked more like a rat than human. However with Nosferatu the audience at one point in the movie was made to pity him. In the movie when he and Ellen are staring at each other, and Nosferatu is reaching out for Ellen.  It sort of signified a longing Nosferatu had. In contrast Dracula did not feel any type of longing with Lucy or Mina. Now as we get to the vampires in the middle of the 20th century, they are given even more human qualities. Their appearance changes to be more human like. No more do they have half animal characteristics as with Dracula and Nosferatu. Was in the short story I,Vampire the vampire in the story wants to be destroyed. He understands his existence is unnatural. He also understands he is not human, he has no soul and is just a mere body of the person he used to be.

Dracula functions as a symbol of old. The Victorian period was age of many modern advancements. For example it was during the Victorian period Charles Darwin purposed his theory of evolution.  Also many changes were taking placing economically and socially in the Victorian period.  The way he talks about the glories of the past of his family, the reader can see Dracula himself yearns for the past.  Also when Dracula opens the letter written by Johnathan to Mina in short hand he gets angry. He does not like the new technology and does not understand it. Dracula also signifies the fears Victorians held. With Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, it just showed the people of the Victorian age there are things out there of which they do not know of. What else exists in the world? There understanding of the world was turned upside down.

First Essay in Class

I have just read the three prompts for our first essay in class. All three seem very interesting. I am however leaning towards the 2nd one or the 3rd one. It will be interesting to compare and contrast Dracula to either Varney or Carmilla, my only hesitation with this prompt is that we have been comparing the different vampires in class already. The third essay prompt is also very interesting, picking one of the frequent characters in the story and discussing their importance and the cause of their frequency. If I decide to do this prompt I’m either going to pick the damsel in distress or the aristocrat. It is always a women who in trouble and the one in need of saving. It makes sense, I mean at this time still women are viewed inferior to men. There are viewed weak both mentally and physically.  Throughout history aristocrats have not been looked upon favorably by the peasantry. Of course there were generous and kind aristocrats, but the lower classes just clumped everyone together. They were the class that had the power and money and thought of as greedy and cruel, so why not make them out to be vampires?


I remember attempting to reading Dracula in middle school, but could not get pas the first few pages due to the complicated language causing me boredom. However, this time I am enjoying Dracula. What I did not like so far was how Jonathan Harker’s journal ended, and it was immediately started to letters between  Mina and Lucy in which their conversation seems trivial.

There are many similarities between The Vampyre, Varney, Carmilla and Dracula.  For one thing all the vampires are aristocrats. Both Varney and Dracula felt cold to touch or felt more like a corpse when. There are many supernatural elements also similar between the vampires.  Varney and Dracula in particular had superhuman strength. Carmilla had a way of being able to move through doors and walls, Dracula is not able to move through doors but is able to scale up walls. Carmilla was able to turn into a black mass while Dracula is able to turn into a wolf. Dracula lives in an old ancestral   castle, while the settings for Carmilla and Varney where also old ancestral homes. Carmilla, The Vampyre took place in southern Europe and Dracula starts off in southern Europe.